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Moroccan Longboard coaching in Taghazout Teaching you the essential techniques

Moroccan Longboard  : Cross stepping, Nose riding, drop knee turns,  paddle, modern longboard and log riding and many other techniques that make riding such a fun longboard, are taught in this place by us.

We have a great range of longboards ranging from modern 9’00 mails to 9’4″ and 9’6″ nose riders to full glide 10’00”. If you have your own longboard which is 9’00 or 9 plus we know what a nightmare they may be traveling with. Then do not hesitate to use our range on the place. Check our coaching Surf Insight In addition, we will be able to advise you on the longboards you may want to set up in the future and of course, we are pleased to design them or choose them for you. Just Tell us, in your requests, what you want of your longboard and we will ensure that you reach it… In style.

At Moroccan Longboard, we believe that longboarding is not just a sport but a way of life. It promotes physical fitness, mental well-being, and a deep connection with nature. It challenges us to push our limits, embrace the unknown, and discover our true potential. Through our comprehensive lessons, vibrant community, and dedication to safety, we aim to create an environment where riders can immerse themselves in the beauty and thrill of longboarding.

So, whether you’re a local or a traveler seeking an unforgettable experience, join us at Moroccan Longboard and embark on a journey that will not only improve your longboarding skills but also leave you with lasting memories and a newfound passion for this incredible sport. Let the Moroccan coastline be your playground, and let the waves carry you on an extraordinary adventure of longboarding excellence.

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Longboard lessons 

Moroccan Longboard Coaching have designed a great coaching system for longboard surf lessons in Taghazout that works for you no matter your surf level. We coach all kinds of surfers and we do all kinds of surfboards ourselves. We know that many of you would like to know more about longboarding, riding and gliding on 9’00” plus boards and its skills and techniques.


Sandboard lessons

Moroccan Longboard Coaching designed an excellent system of coaching for sandboard Taghazout is the sport of sliding on sand dunes on a suitable board. Explore it on the dunes of the Taghazout region by sea, outside Agadir, when you book this half-day tour.

Moroccan Longboard Services

Let us carry the load for you

Tell us what kind of adventure you’re interested in and we’ll hand-pick an experience for you and match it with the best guide we know.

What Is A Longboard ?

Moroccan Longboard Coaching in Taghazout

A Longboard is long. Around 9 feet long.

It’s a more relaxed style of surfing. Instead of darting back and forth in the surf, you’re cross-stepping and nose riding. You are not going to attack the big waves on a longboard. Additional weight and length can make it challenging to manoeuvre and dive.

Why Should I Ride A Longboard ?

1 – Benefit of the wave on the Longboard : you will ride more waves than many others, but don’t forget to never sit further than your peers.

2 – Unexpected pleasure factor in small waves: rollers of a summer foot? No problem. Your longboard will do enough.

3 – Effortless gliding: Have you ever felt how the whole board slides above the water ? This is a feeling of heaven.

4 – Longboards are a unique tool for beginner friends and family members: bringing new surfers into the clan. A longboard will change their lives after a dozen of wipeouts.

5 – Relax and enjoy the tour in its purest form – don’t take surfing too seriously : take off, jump, close your eyes and go down the line.

6 – Longboards are perfect for older surfers: it’s never late to learn to surf. A longboard is a perfect choice for new beginners.

7 – And finally, it’s a great way to experience the Taghazout area and the incredible surfing spots around the area with your local Coach. 

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