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About us

Moroccan longboard is simply the best surf school in Taghazout Beach. We care about detail like no other,make sure that you have everything you need to surf with us beyond amazing and friendly local instructor is with you every step of the way!

Ready to have fun surfing with us ?
Moroccan longboard school Taghazout is located in the north of the town of Agadir in the southwest of Morocco Agadir Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of southern Morocco.Our friendly and welcoming native instructors provide surf lessons that are easily accessible to all levels, ages and levels.
Surfing is fun & easy !
The Moroccan longboard School Taghazout offers surf classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers who want to go a bit further and refine their technique and style .
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We enjoy surfing and teaching at Taghazout Beach but depending on the conditions we also offer surf lessons at Banana Beach, Imessouan…and some hidden spots.

Lesson inclusions

The Moroccan longboard team is proud to supply our customers with the best equipment available for all levels in the best location in Taghazout.We have selected high quality equipments suitable for your skills: surfboards, life jackets, etc.Surf boards, Funboards, Shortboards and Longboard.For beginners, we use flexible and steady surfboards that are easy to balance, paddle, get up and surf for your first waves!
The duration of the lesson depends upon the wave and tide conditions.

What you need

There’s not much you need because we include almost everything you need!Make sure to bring the following items when you go surfing:

  • Huge Smile
  • A Towel & Swimwear
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Meet Mehdi OUR friendly INSTRUCTOR

Besides being a famous local surfer, Mehdi know by ( Kin ) has been sharing his love of surfing with others for a long time. Kin learned to surf at a young age on the rolling waves of the region where he learned his propensity to teach his lifelong passion. Kin has learned and is still surfing in different places in Taghazout. That’s why with the Moroccan longboard school Taghazout, all our lessons are carefully chosen depending on the different levels and weather conditions.
Whether you are a beginner surfer ready to take your first wave or an experienced surfer in search of improving your skills,Moroccan longboard classes in Taghazout provide a fun, safe and rewarding learning experience for all.

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